Suction Hose PVC Storz
Suction Hose PVC Storz

All part number ending -10: Hose cut to 10′ Length and couplings added
Conventional Hose and Odd Lengths Available Upon Request

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Part ID Product Option
2P407-10 4″ x 10′ FLEXLITE STORZ
2P507-10 5″ x 10′ FLEXLITE STORZ
2P607-10 6″ x 10′ FLEXLITE STORZ
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4" - 4.5" Power Jet Siphons

In Stock Part ID Product Option JS50 5 NH POWER JET SYPHON JS60...

K-Coat PL/PC NH Rocker Lug Plugs w/without Chain

K-Coat PL/PC NH Rocker Lug Plugs w/without Chain

In Stock Part ID Product Option PC2552 2.5 NH RL PLUG W/CHAIN PC6052...


4-5" Storz UL Listed BSP F Head with Cap

Enables quick connection of large diameter hose by fire dept. to fire sprinkler...

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