New software helps safety officers maintain cleaner gear

We continue to learn more every day about the many risks carcinogens pose to firefighters, even after the fires are put out.  Dangerous hydrocarbons left on gear pose a number of problems for the very people that PPE is designed to protect.

When cancer is responsible for more than 70% of all line-of-duty deaths among career firefighters, it’s no wonder that the forthcoming NFPA 1851 standards recommend protecting your company by washing PPE after every fire.

But firefighters have bigger worries than maintaining careful wash records. That’s why UniMac®whose laundry-machine designs have been influenced by professional firefighters—has stepped in with the development of their FireLinc™ software. The cloud-based application syncs with inventory-tracking systems to manage all of a company’s gear-washing data, providing safety officers with a comprehensive audit trail to better protect their team.

FireLinc keeps companies audit-ready without spending hours inside of manual logs. And because it’s been developed by the leader in maximum-performance laundry solutions, users can rest assured that the quality of their wash will match the quality of their data.

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