Learning About Grants

This is the place to be if you want to learn about the grant process and what do to and most importantly what NOT to do during your grant application process. More articles will be added frequently so please check back often for more grant educational content!

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The New Grant on the Block

There is a new federal grant on the block and virtually no one is speaking about it.  This grant has...

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Grant Writing

By David Hesselmeyer David Hesselmeyer, EEM, EMT-P, MPA, is a twenty-year veteran of emergency services and currently serves with Buies...

The Grant Writing Process

Recently, you likely read an article on common mistakes on grant writing especially in emergency services.  There were several mentioned...

What Is A Grant?

What Is A Grant?

A grant in its simplest terms is the transfer of money from one organization to another for a purpose. For...

Common Pitfalls & Mistakes

Common Pitfalls & Mistakes

Grant writing is plagued with pitfalls and mistakes and lead to rejection of your proposal. There are far fewer funding...

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