Ventry Safety Propellers
Ventry Safety Propellers

What’s so special about our propellers?

Ventry® Safety Propellers are efficient, durable and safe; they are a a significant factor in many of the benefits of Ventry® Fans for which these props are manufactured:

Ventry Fan Safety Propeller, uninstalled
High output and low weight
Less noise and low emissions
Unbeatable stability
Placement far back
Longevity and durability
Safety (which we address first because it’s so important)

It’s about Safety. Safety. Safety.
Ventry Safety Propellers are safe. As firefighters, we know that things can go wrong on scene and often do. Our fans are engineered to perform well when things go right and to be safe when things go wrong. The most crucial element of a fan in regard to safety is its prop.

The unique Kevlar-fiberglass-wood composition of Ventry Propellers makes them durable and accepting of a tremendous amount of use and abuse. They are also designed for controlled disintegration, when safety warrants, without the release of high energy projectiles!

Safety Demonstration Video
To demonstrate that crucial point, we made a 1-minute video in which James Neils—who is a firefighter, our CEO, and the engineer who designed the fans and their propellers—stands in the debris path while a Ventry PPV Fan is impaled with a pike pole.

Please note: Before being able to push a pike pole through, we had to bypass the first safety and create a large hole in the fan’s highly-reinforced guard.

High CFM and Low Weight
Ventry Fans have dual-blade props which utilize the fundamentals of aerodynamics and state-of-the-art proprietary technology. We engineer each propeller specifically for each fan motor, utilizing every bit of horsepower and maximizing the power curve for highest air volume. As a result, Ventry Fans are frequently tested side-by-side and face-to-face with higher-horsepower fans and are chosen again and again after revealing bigger, heavier fans to be unnecessary.

Less Noise and Low Emissions
20-inch prop on a Ventry Fan, guard removed
Other benefits of propeller efficiency—besides high CFM—are significant reductions in noise and carbon monoxide (CO). Moving more air using less horsepower saves you: bulk, weight, expense, noise (see above) and CO exposure.

Do not fall for the “more is better” fallacy of multiple-blade props (or horsepower). The more blades a propeller has, the more they stir the air rather than push it, wasting energy in the form of noise. This is called “form drag” or “eddy making drag” and is due to multiple tips and greater surface area.

Unbeatable Stability
The propellers’ composition contributes to the overall stability of every Ventry Fan. Manufactured in-house by Ventry Solutions, Inc., Ventry Safety Propellers are composites of Kevlar® and fiberglass with a wooden core. The wooden core makes the propellers naturally vibration dampening and is, therefore, one of several reasons why Ventry Fans are known to stay put and not walk! (Of course, the outward curving legs are the main reason Ventry Fans are so stable and so hard to tip over.)

Placement of Fan Farther Back
The advanced curvature of the prop—forward sweeping tips—makes for a tighter, more uniform air cone. This high-quality, consistent air cone (as opposed to erratic) helps with aiming and allows the fan to be placed farther away from the target. The narrow air cone pushes air directly at the target instead of around it in a wide circle.

Placement of the fan farther back from its target is crucial for keeping the fan out of the way and one of the major advantages of Ventry Fans over other brands. Firefighters should never have to crawl over the top of a fan while they are using it!

Always extend the fan’s legs when in use, and its propeller will last decades. If something goes wrong though and safety requires, as one of our customers described, “the propeller will turn to dust so you do not!”

Can I use a Ventry Propeller on another fan?
Yes, a Ventry Propeller may work on another fan, as long as the fan can handle it!

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