Model 30022VRJ Gear Guardian® Washer-Extractor
Model 30022VRJ Gear Guardian® Washer-Extractor

Save Labor

The Milnor Model 30022VRJ provides multiple ways to save on your labor costs and improve employee efficiency, including:

E-P Plus® Control
This comprehensive control is equipped with 30 pre-programmed formulas (including 10 each for eight industries) and allows the operator advanced flexibility. The E-P Plus operator may manually create or alter formulas, which are guided by the control itself to insure accurate and proper washing. E-P Plus also features universal temperature control, programmable cooldown, and programmable bath soak and overnight soak. The two-line display notifies the operator of key benchmarks (wash step, time remaining, etc.), which increases productivity and reduces downtime.

Overnight Bath Soak
The 30015VRJ overnight soak option eliminates the need for additional washes and production delays during shifts thanks to the extended time the stains are immersed in standing baths.

Proper Basket Design
Milnor’s tall rib construction and precise cylinder speeds combine to provide excellent MAF – Mechanical Action Factor – ensuring goods get clean the first time, reducing time-consuming and costly rewashes.

RinSave® Water Saver
This innovative process facilitates significantly shorter formulas by eliminating up to two complete rinses per formula. This means the linens are processed faster because fewer steps are needed.


  • Save on Linen Replacement Costs
  • Save Energy
  • Save Water
  • Save Money (Total Cost of Ownership)

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